Court & Claims

If you find yourself in this position, it is important that legal advice is taken as soon as possible to protect your position, and to guide you through what can be a stressful time. Many types of Claim have a time limit for enforcement and so time may be of the essence. Also, early professional advice may indeed solve the problem without the need for matters to proceed to court.

At South Forrest we have an experienced Court and Claims Department comprising of three partners and support staff. We can help you with all types of Court proceedings.

Call us on 01463 237171 and ask to speak with one of our Court Partners. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your case, and have the experience and skill to start tackling your problems.

Personal Injury and Reparation

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. They can be hard to deal with especially if you are injured.If you suffer an injury as a result of an accident at work, whilst driving, or in any other walk of life, you may be entitled to claim for compensation. South Forrest have a skilled Personal Injury and Reparation Department, and can provide you with the expertise required to ensure your claim is dealt with in a professional and satisfactory manner allowing you to focus on getting better.

We provide a free initial half-hour interview to discuss your case. Legal Aid may be available to help you pursue your claim, and unlike certain Claims Companies, we do not demand a substantial percentage of any compensation you ultimately receive. We are usually able to recover most, if not all, of the expenses incurred in a successful claim, so that you receive your compensation in full.

Debt Collection/Contracts

Sums owed to you but unpaid are at best a frustration and at worst a threat to your business. South Forrest provide a comprehensive Debt collection service, from intimating claims on your behalf and pursuing the matter through the courts, to arranging for enforcement against your debtors.

We are very aware of the commercial realities however, and will tailor an individual approach based on your needs and the sums involved. We can also assist you in pursuing claims under any other form of contract; for example building or service contracts.


Separation and divorce is an unfortunate part of modern life, involving an increasing percentage of married couples. It can be a time of high emotion and distress. At such times, South Forrest can offer invaluable advice, information and guidance. We will advise on your rights and responsibilities, negotiate and draw up a separation agreement and in the appropriate circumstances, obtain decree of divorce.


South Forrest can assist you if you find yourself subject to a criminal prosecution. In particular we have many years of experience in dealing with Road Traffic and Health and Safety matters. If you are eligible, Legal Aid can be made available to fund your defence.

Employment Tribunals

Good relations between employers and employees are essential for the smooth running of any business. However, if the relationship breaks down, not only is it likely that the business will not run smoothly but employers and employees may find themselves appearing before an Employment Tribunal to sort out their differences.

Our Employment Law expertise can help employers avoid the pitfalls which can occur should employer/employee relationships break down and help employees should they be aggrieved by the actings of their employers.