Your Business

Consulting a solicitor at the very beginning establishes good business practice, creates a partnership based on knowledge and trust, and puts a powerful ally in your camp when the going gets tough. Successful business people know when they can benefit from good professional advice – and in the early stages of setting up a business, that advice can be worth its weight in gold.

Call us on 01463 237171 and ask to speak to one of our partners. Your solicitor has the specialist knowledge and skills to help you make the right choices and maximise your chances of success. It’s the first decision you’ll make towards starting a successful business, and it could be the start of a lasting and rewarding professional relationship.

Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company?

The type of organisation your business needs is one of the fundamental decisions you make at the outset. Which structure is right for your company will depend on your personal circumstances, what kind of business you want to run, and what you are hoping it will achieve.

At SouthForrest, you can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with your solicitor, an experienced and knowledgeable professional, who will help you decide which is most suitable.

Should I buy or rent my business premises?

This depends on what’s available on the market, what you can afford and what your long-term plans are. If you rent your premises, you free up your capital for business development or personal needs; if you buy them, you can develop as you require, avoid rental increases, and treat the property as a long term investment. The property could also be used as security to raise finance. Your solicitor will talk through the pros and cons so you make the most appropriate choice.

Can my solicitor offer ongoing services?

Of course. Good businesses rely on their solicitors just as they draw on the expertise of their own specialist departments.

Your solicitor can offer:

  • contract preparation
  • company formation
  • reconstructions and amalgamations
  • advice on the duties of company directors
  • property sales, purchases and leasing
  • specialist services to the licensed trade
  • debt collection
  • advice on employment law
  • handling claims, courts and tribunals

Can my solicitor help my business problems?

Most definitely. Whether it’s an employee on a road traffic charge, or a debtor who won’t pay, a difficult landlord or tenant, or a contract that’s gone wrong, the dismissal of an employee or the business hitting financial difficulties, there’s always a solution – and your solicitor is the one with the outside perspective necessary to spot it!

Liquor Licensing

We also provide a specialised service for the Licensed Trade and can deal with applications under the Licensing (Scotland) 2005 Act.

What does it all cost?

Legal costs vary, depending on the amount of work involved, and how complex it is. Wherever possible, SouthForrest provides quotes of fees and outlays in advance.